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pierrot_awards's Journal

Pierrot Awards
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Hello, welcome to pierrot_awards. This is just one of those generic icontests that seem to be getting quite popular in the LJ community. I've been a fan of these contests after my friend, by_dirigible introduced me to them. So I decided to start several of my own.

This one is focused on the one of my favorite bands, Pierrot. <3

1. You do not have to submit icons for this community, I would love it if you just voted, but participation is loved even more. <3
2. Please submit icons that are freshly made and just for the community. I don't want any icons that have been premade and distrubuted. If caught, I'll delete the icon.
3. Do not submit other people's icons. That's just not nice. You'll be banned if I find out.
4. You may not vote for your own icon. If you do, your vote won't count. And if done enough times, I'll ban you. Because I can. :D
5. All icons submitted can be from any member of the band unless specified.

A new theme will be posted at 10:00PM CST on Fridays. You will have a week to make an icon. You will have until 20:00 CST on Friday to submit an icon.

Voting will begin right after and will continue throughout Saturday and until 10:00PM CST on Sunday.

To submit, just comment (comments will be screened, unless it's a question.) with your icon, URL and username. (It must be your journal, but you can choose to submit the icon under your iconjournal or something like that.)

Like this:


The username that you sumbit with will be on the banner if you win.</font>

When I (consuetude) or another moderator posts the submissions, voting will commence. Voting is quite easy. Here's the system. You may vote for three icons. Please vote according to which one you like the most, the next liked one, etc etc. They will receive points like so:

1st: 3
2nd: 2
3rd: 1

Simple enough. Votes will be tallied at around 10:00PM CST. Times may vary. We all have lives. :D

If you have any problems, you may contact me personally, by leaving me a comment or emailing me at xiacho@yahoo.com.

Founder: consuetude
Co-founder: by_dirigible


week 001 || Gun
week 002 || Kohta
week 003 || Takeo
week 004 || Jun
week 005 || Aiji
week 006 || Kirito
week 007 || Specific Image
week 008 || Song [submit]